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Ottawa Public Health wants you to 'party safe' this summer

Local health officials with some tips on staying safe at this summer's music festivals.
party safe
OPH want people to 'party safe' this summer. (Photo: Ottawa Public Health twitter)

The summer music festival season is now in full swing, with Escapade taking place at Lansdowne this weekend. 

Local health officials will be on high alert, looking for the signs of an overdose in party-goers. 

But, they are asking that you help them - by partying safe. 

Ottawa Public Health have released some tips for enjoying festivals safely. 

Marino Francispillai, Program Manager for the School, Mental Health and Substance Use Team at OPH, explained that it is a reality that people will be using drugs at these events. 

"First off, if you're going to use drugs, don't mix drugs," he told The Rick Gibbons Show, 1310 NEWS. "Even when you're talking about mixing drugs with alcohol because at that point you're increasing your risk of overdose." 

OPH also suggests staying hydrated. Take a break from dancing to have some water and avoid overheating. 

Francispillai also suggested having an escape plan. 

"Sometimes peer pressure kicks in and you don't feel safe, make sure you know how to get out of that situation," he explained. "Know someone you can text. Have your 'X' plan in place, make sure your parents know that if you text them an 'X' that they should be calling you and giving you an excuse to get out without losing face." 

OPH will be teaching concert-goers about the signs of an overdose, so they help keep their friends safe. Francispillai said there are several signs to look for. 

"Slowing down of breathing, if their lips or nails are going blue, they're not moving, they may be choking, there are all kinds of signs you can look for." 

Paramedics, OPH nurses and members of the ski patrol will be on hand at Escapade to ensure everyone is having a good time and they'll be keeping an eye out for anyone experiencing an overdose. 

For more information on Ottawa Public Health's Party Safe program click here.

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