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Queensway Carleton Hospital staff make online plea for protective gear

Hospitals and medical personnel around the country are starting to see a shortage of personal protective gear, like masks and gloves.
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The Queensway Carleton Hospital is now on the growing list of medical facilities asking for donations of protective gear to battle the new coronavirus. 

The plea was posted on YouTube March 23 and is titled, 'We desperately need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to fight  COVID-19'. The five minute and 26-second video is asking for donations of protective gear, as well as funding for the hospital. 

The Queensway Carleton opened a drive through COVID-19 test centre last week, which was quickly shut down to reduce backlog. 

Hospitals and medical personnel around the country are starting to see a shortage of PPE and have been asking residents, businesses and the government for donations of equipment, like masks and gloves. 

Paramedics in Renfrew County are asking the public for donations of gear to protect themselves against COVID-19. 

A Toronto hospital has started accepting donations of face masks and other protective gear from members of the public.

The Ontario Medical Association and the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario said there is a large stockpile of masks that have expired but should still be used in lower-risk areas.

The associations are also calling on anyone with masks not currently being used to hand them over, so they can be used by health workers.

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