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Race bibs worn at Ottawa Race Weekend made locally

For more than a decade, has been in charge of making the bibs for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend
Race Bibs
A sampling of bibs for the 2018 Ottawa Marathon (May 24, Jenn Pritchard)

Runners lacing up for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend will pin a bib on their shirt and most likely not think about it again. 

But, the world will be watching that bib, as it makes its way across the finish line attached to some of the world's elite runners. 

What many people don't realize is, that bib was created and produced right here in Ottawa. 

It starts every year with an idea from the race organizers. 

"They give us an idea of what they're supposed to look like, what the t-shirts look like for the year, the ribbons and the medals," explained Eryn Wright, Vice President of "Then we take from that what the bibs are going to look like." 


The whole process takes about two weeks, with thousands of bibs being printed and processed from their offices on Colonnade Road. 

"We start with getting the data from the registration companies and then it goes through the timer and then to us," Wright said. "Once the data gets to us, it's all sorted by their bib number and the information they require on the bib." 

This includes their name, gender, city of origin and their t-shirt size. The company also adds a QR code that will help track the runner's time and allow the organizers to see who is where. 

Once completed, all the numbers are checked then tagged and sent off to the expo where participants can pick them up. 

Wright says most Canadian race directors like to go through them to get bibs, keeping the process local and Canadian made. 

But the company also processes bibs from around North America, including the Iron Man World Championship that takes place every year in Hawaii. 


Eryn1VP of, Eryn Wright, shows off an Ottawa Race Weekend bib (May 24, Jenn Pritchard)


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