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Religious freedom hailed as Ottawa Satanic Temple 'black mass' draws large crowds

The black mass was a first-of-its-kind event in Ottawa

Ottawa’s first ever Satanic black mass was met with hundreds of protesters, but one Satanic Temple member is still calling it a huge success.

The mass, held by the Satanic Temple of Ottawa, took place at The Koven, a heavy metal bar located on Murray Street in the downtown area. The event was a private function available only to approximately 50 ticket holders from across the country and the United States.

Right next door and across the street from The Koven sat protesters voicing their opinions regarding the black mass.

One of the protesters was Dorre Love, a preacher from Christ Forgiveness Ministries, who travelled from Toronto to take park in the protest.

“It’s kind of a historical moment,” said Love. “It’s the very first black mass and what I believe is that the participants are deceived, they’re lost. All we're out here to do is give them contrast. If they want to choose Satan, they can also choose Jesus.”

Love said that if he believes people are going to perish, he needs to do everything in his power to stop that from happening.

“I believe it’s unloving to know what I know about God and about what God says and not to warn the people,” said Love. “I’m just giving them the option to accept the true light so they can have peace and love and security as I do in Christ.”

On the other side were those who attended the black mass. Among them was Satanic Temple of Ottawa member Nicholas Marc.

“The general sense today, those of us who organized this and taking part are very excited,” said Marc. “This is something a lot of people have written to us and thanked us for doing, something they’ve been waiting a long time to experience.”

As for the protests, Marc says he has zero issue with those willing to voice their opinion against the black mass.

“I think if the Catholic Church wants to protest, it is well within their right,” said Marc. “They’re able to exercise under their religious freedom, which we're all about.”

Marc stated that the black mass was not a reaction to Catholicism and was an event to provide self-identifying opportunities that every other religion would provide.

As for the venue, the Satanic Temple of Ottawa found The Koven to be a suitable fit to host their black mass.

“The Koven is very well established in community participation,” said Marc. “The Koven is run by an individual who came to this country to escape a theocratic government and who is now a Canadian citizen and reads the benefit of religious freedom and plurality. It seemed like a good choice.

“Even if it wasn’t a black mass, I wanted it to be a place where I know anyone could go there,” said Marc. “Anyone could be accepted and anyone could be welcomed and the Koven is that kind of spot.”

The owner of The Koven, who chose to not be identified, chose to help host the event because of his support for freedom of speech. “I think any person in any group in society should have a platform to express themselves,” he said. “They could not get any other venues to host them.”

The owner also noted he was happy to see the turnout for the event, from among those attending and protesting. “It’s good trying to have good conversations informing each other about each other’s faith.” he said. “I’m glad people came out from both sides, but I mean there are no sides, were all human beings to be honest, there is just a conflict of interest, a conflict of religions.”

At the end of the four-hour event, Marc considered the mass a successful one.

“It was wonderful,” said Marc. We had a full sold-out crowd. We sadly were not able to let everyone in who showed up, but the response was overwhelming. We did it.”


Connor Fraser

About the Author: Connor Fraser

Connor Fraser is a local journalist in the Ottawa area
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