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Report shows long list of mistakes and issues in LRT tunnels

Researcher Ken Rubin wants an inquiry into non-conformance reports filed between 2016 and 2018.
The last clip was hammered into place in the downtown LRT tunnel, under the University of Ottawa.

As part of the light rail construction agreement with the City of Ottawa, the Rideau Transit Group was tasked with filing reports any time an inspector discovered an issue with the construction. 

These reports, called non-conformance reports, would go to the city and then the issue would be fixed or a work-around would be used to amend the issue. 

But these reports are not available to the public without a request through the Freedom of Information Act. 

Researcher and citizen advocate, Ken Rubin went through the process to get these documents and found that there were several issues down in those tunnels between 2016 and 2018. 

"Concrete pouring, timing, out of timing, cracks and things like that," he told Ottawa Today on 1310 NEWS. "Revealed some problems with waterproofing, drainage, plumming. Earlier ones dealt with broken parts like nuts and bolts or welding jobs (that were) not that good."

He says city council need to take a closer look at these reports, especially as they prepare for the second phase of light rail. 

"Because there's been so much secrecy and so many questions about this first phase one project, including the construction quality," he said. "We can't just assume that everything is just going to be hunky dory, let's keep going, let's keep charging ahead -- you can't do that."

Rubin said he would like to see a public inquiry, which takes a second look at all of the issues brought up in the non-conformance reports. 

"We have to make sure it's a safe place so that people will trust, ridership will want to get on and use the LRT," Rubin explained. "We have to go back and review why did we need the expensive tunnelling, was that a big mistake with sinkholes and so on."


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