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Some college ward residents worried about getting fair representation at Ottawa City Hall

The Crestview-Meadowlands Community Association is speaking out, as City Councillor Rick Chiarelli remains missing in action.  
2018-01-05 Ottawa Council Chambers sideways MV
Ottawa City Council meeting. (Photo/ Mike Vlasveld)

Some residents, living in Ottawa's College ward, are starting to get anxious about not having issues close to them heard around the City Council table, as their councillor Rick Chiarelli remains away from his job. 

It's prompting community associations in the area to speaking out about allegations made against Chiarelli, and the affect the news continues to have on them. 

Greg Elliot with the Crestview-Meadowlands Community Association said Thursday, having councillor Scott Moffatt helping out in the ward has been good over the past couple of months. 

"But ultimately we need a vote at council, if there's something that's going to go to a committee, or come from a committee. Ultimately this issue will have to be resloved," said Elliot.

Moffatt and councillor Allan Hubley have been assigned to help in College ward while Chiarelli remains away, due to what he and his doctor claim is a medical issue. 

Elliot said the sexual misconduct allegations made against Chiarelli back in September were upsetting and disappointing to learn about. 

"I've been involved with the community association going back to Nepean days, back to before 2000. So a lot of the individuals that made the allegations, we, as a community association, have worked with. You do work with the [city councillor's] staff a lot [as a member of a community association]."

"The allegations are of such a nature, and they seem to be cumulative. It may be that he may have to consider stepping aside, for sure," added Elliot.

Chiarelli has until the end of next month to show up to a council meeting, or he risks losing his seat. 

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