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Spout tornado believed to have spiraled through Casselman area on Sunday

CityNews meteorologist Jill Taylor says spout tornadoes are often rapidly rotating columns of air from the land up to the clouds.

An area just south-east of Ottawa may have experienced it's first tornado of the season.

On Sunday, May 15, active rounds of thunderstorms hit Ottawa, but the Casselman area is believed to have been hit by a landspout tornado. This is still classified as a tornado, but much weaker. CityNews meteorologist Jill Taylor said they are often rapidly rotating columns of air both from the surface and up to the clouds as well.

"They're typically very narrow, rope-like formations and basically in a thunderstorm that's basically still growing itself," she said.

Taylor added that it may have looked scary for residents in Casselman who may have been viewing it or taking pictures of it on Sunday afternoon. 

"Certainly can get these type of tornadoes form at this time of year," she said, adding that this one came earlier than expected.

Taylor said, the Northern Tornadoes Project at Western University is investigating this tornado. 

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