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Supporting local businesses through Operation Support Local

The Rogers-led initiative is a way to support local businesses Canada-wide during COVID-19.
Operation Shop Local. Photo/1310 News

New measures put in place by the Ontario government for COVID-19 have had an impact on local businesses everywhere. 

Launched Thursday across the country with Rogers radio stations, the Rogers-led initiative is an effort to support local businesses throughout the pandemic.

With some businesses having been forced to lay off their workforce, or shut their doors completely or temporarily in the meantime (as either a result of provincial government measures or financial or other reasons), Rogers is hoping to spotlight some local businesses that may need financial assistance.

Listeners and businesses are encouraged to visit the 1310 page at www.1310news/supportlocal and submit a business to add to the online directory. 

It’s an easy way for people to visit the page and order dinner, take a virtual class or even order a gift certificate.

“For many business owners here in Ottawa, it’s truly a nail-biting time,” 1310’s news director Glennis Lane said. “Local businesses are part of our lives, and while we will recover – many places will only survive with your help. By supporting local, you can keep the places you love stay open! From shopping online, signing up for online classes, or even purchasing a gift card, it all starts with you.”

According to Statistics Canada, employment fell in all provinces, with Ontario laying off about 403,000 (or 5.3 per cent) of the workforce. This was followed by Quebec, where about 264,000 people were let go from their jobs (or 6 per cent).

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