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Three Ottawa neighbourhoods 90 per cent fully vaccinated among eligible residents

Meanwhile, 11 neighbourhoods have fewer than 70 per cent of its eligible population fully vaccinated.

Three Ottawa neighbourhoods have reached the city's goal of attaining 90 per cent full vaccination against COVID-19 among eligible residents while a couple of others are not too far behind.

According to the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study, as of last Monday, 89 per cent of residents over the age of 12 have gotten one dose of the vaccine, meanwhile, 83 per cent have received two doses.

The three neighbourhoods reporting full vaccination in 90 per cent of residents are:

  • Vars with 100.2 per cent
  • Cumberland with 93.5 per cent
  • Richmond with 90 per cent

Neighbourhoods catching up to the 90 per cent full vaccination status include Stittsville (currently at 88.9 per cent) and Edwards-Carlsbad Springs (currently at 88.4 per cent).

However, there are 11 neighbourhoods in the city with fewer than 70 per cent of eligible residents who are fully vaccinated.

The bottom three neighbourhoods still struggling to meet the average of 82.8 per cent full vaccination are:

  • Ledbury - Heron Gate - Ridgemont which is at 65.6 per cent
  • Hawthorn Meadows - Sheffield Glen which is as 63.6 per cent
  • Hunt Club - Ottawa Airport which is at 61.7 per cent

According to a Wednesday statement from Ottawa Public Health’s Dr. Vera Etches, there’s been an increasing demand for COVID-19 testing, particularly among school-aged children.

While vaccine eligibility for kids aged five to 11 is close, the country is not there yet.

The best way to protect against the virus continues to be getting the vaccine, wearing masks, staying home when sick, hand washing and physically distancing, Dr. Etches adds.

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