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'Vaccine shopping' causing delays in Eastern Ontario Health Unit rollout

"Why delay? The less you delay the faster we can get back to some of the things we've missed over the last 18 months," says Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, EOHU medical officer of health.
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A new trend has emerged with the approval of the interchangeability of mRNA and viral vector vaccines for first and second shot, and it's causing problems for the vaccine rollout program in the Eastern Ontario Health Unit's (EOHU) region.

Medical Officer of health, Dr. Paul Roumeliotis says people have started cancelling appointments at the last minute if they don't get offered the vaccine they want.

"We had about 25 people make a fuss over the weekend because they didn't want Moderna, and they're going to come back for Pfizer in the future," he says. " I mean people have the right to decide, but we try to give them the evidence and confidence that it's a good idea to get vaccinated now, and not delay."

Dr. Roumeliotis tells CityNews' The Rob Snow Show delaying getting a second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine also delays society being able to get back to normal. He says people need a second dose as we move into Step 2 and 3 of Ontario's economic reopening plan.

"The more vaccines we have in arms, the more people are protected and the less that COVID-19 can circulate, that's the whole premise of trying to vaccinate," Dr. Roumeliotis says. 

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