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ATM scam spreading through parts of Quebec

Police in Gatineau are offering tips on how to spot ATM or bank machines that have been tampered with in order to gain access to your information.
2018-06-22 ATM Gatineau card skimmer
An example of an ATM card skimmer in Quebec. Photo/ Gatineau police

The Ville de Gatineau Police Service is warning the public against an ATM fraud scheme that seems to be gaining momentum in certain regions of Quebec. 

This type of fraud targets bank machines as well as ATMs.

Police said fraudsters have been installing card retainers on ATM machines. 

The way it works is the victim inserts their card and makes a transaction, then apparatus on the machine keeps the credit card. Unable to recover the card, the victim leaves the premises. The fraudsters then retrieve the card and use the client's personal identification number, obtained through a hidden camera or a false keyboard superimposed on the real one, to perform multiple transactions.

In order to prevent yourself from falling victim to one of these scams, always check physical installations before using an ATM. 

If anything seems suspicious at a bank machine or ATM, do not use it and contact your local police department. 

If you observe a suspicious individual near an ATM, report it to your local police department. 

Always hide your PIN code when you dial it.

Do not accept help from a stranger when you are at the machine. 

If you experience any difficulties, cancel the current transaction and contact your bank for the necessary information.

If your credit card remains locked in an ATM after a transaction, contact your bank immediately to report it.

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