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Beechwood Cemetery: The road to 150

Beechwood Cemetary looks ahead to their 150th anniversary

In 2023, Beechwood Cemetery celebrates 150 years of service. The Road to 150 starts now with events and activities to celebrate the community and the upcoming milestone.

“This is very much a milestone, not just in our cemetery but in our city as well,” says Nicolas McCarthy, Director of Marketing, Communications and Community Outreach. “We are looking back while looking forward. The Road to 150 is a celebration of giving back to the community we serve.”

The events include a partnership with Trees for Life, a national charity that helps plant trees native to Canada across the nation.

McCarthy says, “We have committed to planting 100 trees this year and 500 over the next five years. Through the tribute tree program, our local community can donate trees locally or anywhere across the country. Get involved and help us lay the roots for the future!”

Also in progress is a 150th anniversary book full of photos and stories that tell the history of Beechwood through the eyes of the people, and their families, that have been involved in the cemetery and the community for decades.

“It will all culminate during the third week of October, where we will have a ceremony to concentrate and make sacred cemetery land representing our very beginnings,” McCarthy notes.

He adds, “There are a lot of exciting things coming outside of The Road to 150. Keep an eye on what we are doing. Beechwood is an important part of the area’s history and we are committed to the community we serve.”

Stay updated by visiting Beechwood Cemetery online, or follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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