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How to ensure healthy indoor air quality during lockdown

As we spend more time in our homes, indoor air quality is more important than ever
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Typically, Canadians spend a lot of time indoors during the winter. With a global pandemic in place, we’ll all be in our homes for longer durations than normal – which is why indoor air quality is more important than ever. COVID-19 is not the only threat in enclosed spaces. There are a lot of contributors to poor indoor air quality, and like they say in movies – the threat is coming from inside the house!

Mold Busters®, a decontamination company in operation since 2005, shares how to reduce indoor air pollution, and where the contaminants come from.

“Some of the most common indoor air pollutants are mold (caused by unaddressed moisture problems); volatile organic compounds, aka VOCs (from cleaning products, fragrances, and off-gassing of furniture), and airborne bacteria,” says Charlie Leduc, Mold Busters’ Chief Operations Officer. 

Homeowners of older homes can also watch out for other indoor concerns such as asbestos and lead paint. Fireplaces and furnaces can produce carbon monoxide. Smoking indoors or using a lot of aerosols can further deteriorate indoor air quality.

So, what can be done?

There are three things. 

First: properly identify the specific type and source of the indoor air pollution. 

Second: remove that indoor air pollution from the root. In the case of mold, this may mean removing contaminated building material. In the case of VOCs, this could mean a more effective ventilation system. 

Third: regularly monitor and maintain your environment. Routinely clean up dust, ensure your humidity levels are between 30-50 per cent, maintain proper ventilation and exchange of air.

“While it’s impossible to completely eliminate indoor pollutants from our home, we can do our best to keep them at a minimum,” says Leduc.

Mold Busters® is an essential service and is open during the pandemic. Same or next day appointments can be accommodated for most services, with the exception of indoor air quality testing due to preparatory requirements.

“Our response time has not decreased in the slightest due to COVID-19,” Leduc confirms. “In fact, our response time for most services have improved as a result. We also provide emergency response cleaning and disinfection for COVID-19 outbreaks, or preventative sanitization for businesses to re-open. Often, these requests are more urgent than normal. We've adjusted our business approach to be able to serve these clients better, and as such, have improved our overall efficiency in that department across the board.”

Most indoor air pollution issues can be managed by the home or property owner after a professional assessment is carried out, and a course of action is determined. Mold Busters® will identify the issue, assess the damage, implement measures to remove the source of the pollution, and show you how to put in measures to prevent or manage re-occurrences.

Learn more about indoor air quality and the solutions Mold Busters® offers by visiting: today.

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