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Local business urges homeowners to start preparing for a hot summer amid COVID-19 realities

As households are trying to convert to their new normal, it’s important to ensure that the comforts of home can be counted on
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With the onset of a global pandemic and its effects on the daily lives of Canadians, the past three months have been anything but predictable. As Ontario moves into the next phases of opening the province up, it’s safe to assume that most are looking forward to a sense of normalcy – whenever that may shape up to be. 

As households are converting to their new normal, it’s important to ensure that the comforts of home are reliable. While social distancing remains a matter of safety, the homes in our communities continue to be sanctuaries for many. 

We are in for a hot summer 

The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that summer 2020 will be hotter and rainier than normal in Ottawa and surrounding areas, with the hottest periods in mid-June; early, mid-, and late July; and early August. September and October will also be warmer than normal. 

This means that homeowners will want to ensure their air conditioning units are ready to work a little harder over the summer months without risking the potential downtime due to mechanical failure. 

Simply stated – it’s time to get your HVAC system checked. 

“For homeowners and commercial building managers who’ve had their systems shut down or operating periodically over the cooler months, our professionals recommend that their HVAC systems undergo an annual inspection, routine maintenance and testing during the start-up process,” says Tracy Burgess, Service Manager at Carleton Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning. “This way, any issues will be identified and addressed before the system has to operate consistently with the warmer weather.”

“Simple upkeep on your home’s systems is important. One of the costliest mistakes a homeowner can make is waiting to contact their HVAC specialist to perform regular maintenance.” 

Reliability isn’t the only good reason for an HVAC inspection. Some manufacturers list routine maintenance and inspection as a warranty condition if something goes wrong.  

“Maintenance and proof of maintenance are required by some manufacturers to honour their warranty,” says Burgess. “They want to know that the equipment has been taken care of to remove any onus from the homeowner if something happens to go wrong.”

Now is also a good time consider if your HVAC system needs to be upgraded or replaced and take advantage of spring incentives and manufacture rebates

Although HVAC installation, repair and maintenance businesses have been phased in as part of Ontario’s plan to open the province up, it’s still essential to keep safety at the forefront of any job. “Because of COVID-19, we’ve adapted the approach to our business,” says Burgess. “While we maintain the same high standards of customer service, we are taking new measures to ensure the safety of our employees, our clients and their families. This means maintaining social distancing, sanitizing our equipment and limiting our physical interactions.”

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