Hull-Aylmer Liberal defends Trudeau over brownface

By Jason White

A local Liberal candidate has weighed in on his leader's brownface controversy, and has come to Justin Trudeau's defence.

Greg Fergus, the Liberal candidate in Hull-Aylmer, said he was contacted by Trudeau just before the story first broke, Wednesday night.

“I don't believe that anybody has ever lived their lives without making an error,” said Fergus, Thursday morning.

“I'm certain (Trudeau) was embarrassed of that; ashamed of it,” Fergus told reporters.

Fergus said that while there is a lot of hurt in the Black community, he thinks people will forgive Trudeau because of his accomplishments over the past four years.

“People are willing to cut (Trudeau) some slack and forgive him because he has a track record,” said Fergus. “Because he's shown what he has done when he's had the opportunity to improve the lives of Black Canadians and people from all backgrounds.”

Fergus added that he still has confidence in Trudeau's leadership.

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