PODCAST: The Rob Snow Show for February 28, 2022

By CityNews Ottawa

Hour 1:

Monday. Two stories dominate the news today: the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues with civilian losses mounting and Ontario is set to lift many pandemic public health measures tomorrow.

10:09 – “I think the real risk is everybody will jump on this bandwagon very strongly and will lose a lot of those kind of common sense things Public Health has been pushing.”

Rob speaks with Dr. Gerald Evans, infectious disease expert from Queen's University, about the Ontario Government's planned reopening, which starts tomorrow.

21:10 – “If you had told me Ukraine still had command and control and the internet and electricity more than 48 hours after this thing started, I would not have believed you.”

Carleton University security expert Stephanie Carvin joins the show with her analysis of Russia's cyber warfare capabilities and how they will come into play with the war in Ukraine. 

34:00 – “He's the resolute voice of the people…He was given an invitation to leave the country by the US embassy, no, he's going to stay until the end.”

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Hour 2:

It's the Talk Back Hour. What are your thoughts on the situation in Ukraine, and how the world is responding? Rob takes your calls.

Hour 3:

0:00 – “He could very well be unstable, he's acting differently now than he was in the past.”

Geoffrey Johnston is here from the Kingston Whig-Standard with his latest analysis on the situation in Ukraine.

15:00 – “The overall average is about 9, even in the east end…they like the tenants that are in there right now, which is the federal government”

David Sali is here from the Ottawa Business Journal with the details on a massive commercial real estate deal in Ottawa.

22:28 – “Putin and Xi had a bilateral meeting and China has pledged to take a lot of Russian oil”

Charles Burton, Senior Fellow with the Macdonald Laurier Institute, joins Rob with his analysis on how the invasion of Ukraine may influence China's foreign policy and posturing towards Taiwan.

33:22 – “Although present supplies are un-disrupted at the moment we have to face it that energy concerns are more acute than ever.”

'Money Monday' features Peter Fraser from Cardinal Planning in Ottawa.

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