Taxpayers shouldn’t be responsible for costs of official opposition leader’s residence: CTF

By Alex Goudge

After interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen moved into the official residence of the opposition leader, Stornoway, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) feels associated costs should not fall onto the tax payers.

CTF federal director Franco Terrazzano says taxpayers shouldn't be on the hook for the expenses, since Bergen is temporarily holding the position of leader until a permanent leader is elected.

He feels Bergen can pay out of pocket if she wants to continue living at Stornoway.

“At the end of the day, we have to remember that Members of Parliament are already making pretty good coin here,” Terrazzano told The Sam Laprade Show with guest host Cormac McSweeney on Wednesday, March 16. “Your backbench Member of Parliament is making $185,000 a year, on top of that you have the leader of the opposition that gets an extra $88,000.”

He adds MP's who are located outside of Ottawa can expense a secondary residence, and feels Bergen could use that to cover some of the costs of living at Stornoway.

However, Terrazzano doesn't think paying for the official residence of the opposition leader, in general, should not fall onto taxpayers.

“We should not be paying for a fancy big home for the runner up,” he said.

Terrazzano also felt the Conservative party missed an opportunity with Bergen moving into Stornoway.

“We've certainty heard the official opposition go after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau [and] his big-time spending,” he explained. “They're right to hold the prime minister accountable on spending, but we would like to see the conservatives then do everything they can to really look after taxpayers wallets.”

Listen to the full conversation with Terrazzano below:

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