Local farm aims to provide over 1,000 meals to women in need

By Damilola Onime

An Ottawa area farm is holding its second annual campaign, alongside Cornerstone Housing for Women to provide meat to people in need.

Fiat farm's 'Nourish The Hungry' campaign allows people to sponsor pastured non-GMO and grass-fed meat share programs. The goal for this year's campaign is to raise 200 sponsorships to give to the shelter.

Meghan Baker of Fiat Farm, told The Sam Laprade Show on Wednesday, March 23, that the family-run farm collects the donations, grows the meat, and makes it available to people in need. 

As Baker explained, the campaign continues to grow every year, following its 2017 inception.

“We had been doing it for Shepherds of Good Hope and we've continued to do that. And then last year, Cornerstone Housing for Women approached us and we had been wanting to begin a second annual campaign, and that just seemed like the right fit for our farm.”

The farm, which is run with the ethics of permaculture agriculture, holds itself to the values of fair share. And that's why this year, it is raising the bar for this campaign. 

“Permaculture is an approach to agriculture that basically replicates ecosystems,” she said. “An example of that would be to run our chickens or maybe run our pigs through an area where we want a garden. And then we would run our chickens through that area also to fertilize it and prepare the soil for us, and they would do that work for us and it would be good for them and it would be good for us. And then we have a thriving garden that can be put into that same place.”

Baker explains that for the nourish the hungry campaign, a $25 Dollar gift is one sponsorship. 

“One sponsorship actually provides six portions of meat for six meals at Cornerstone. So our goal for this campaign is to get 200 sponsorships, which would be 1,200 meals worth of meat for the women served at Cornerstone.”

“People will fill out a form, [and] the form can be found on our website and it's just tracking who is donating to this cause. Then they send an e-transfer to us for the amount that they want to donate to the cause. So $25 is what we consider one sponsorship. Then we raise that meat and we bring it directly to Cornerstone.”

To make a donation, you can reach out directly to Fiat Farm or fill out the form on their website.

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