PODCAST: The Rob Snow Show for March 30, 2022

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Wednesday. Thousands of Ukrainian refugees are about to arrive in Canada and now non-profit groups are sounding the alarm that the federal government is not prepared to receive them. Yesterday the Trudeau government unveiled yet another set of emissions reductions targets with little basis in reality.

13:22 – “On Monday there was a tweet from minister Fraser that said they were going to provide language training, orientation, employment assistance and some supports at the airport… this was a tweet, and going on 24, 48 hours now we still don't have any details.”

Cassian Soltykevych from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress joins Rob with an update on the preparations to receive Ukrainian refugees in Canada.

23:41 – “This Prime Minister and government has signalled pretty much 'yes to everything'.”

This is the place to score your Political Fix! Strategists Geoff Turner and Tim Powers join Rob to talk about the news that Budget 2022 will be tabled next week.

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It's the Talk Back Hour! Rob takes your calls. Can Canada reduce emissions by 40% without hurting the economy?

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0:00 – “I think things are starting to turn in the wrong direction”

Rob speaks with epidemiologist Dr. Christopher Labos about the current COVID-19 situation in Ontario.

12:03 – “The rumour is that Mathieu Fleury has decided not to run for mayor.”

Pat Uguccioni from Your Community Voice newspapers joins Rob to talk about some local issues.

21:04 – “Our building sector is an enormous challenge, how we're going to de-carbonize more than 10 million buildings over the next 30 years.”

Michael Berstein, executive director of Clean Prosperity, joins the show with his reaction to the new 2030 emissions reductions plan tabled by the Trudeau government.

32:21 – “You can't even maintain the child care system unless you really address the issues of the work force.”

Two days after the Ford government announced a $12 billion child care deal with the federal government we get some analysis of how good that plan is with Martha Friendly, childcare expert and founder of the Childcare Resource and Research Unit.

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