Hydro Ottawa states bulk of grid should be restored by May 27

By CityNews Ottawa

In a media briefing on Thursday, May 26, the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Hydro Ottawa stated that he is hopeful that the majority of the power grid is restored by the evening of Friday, May 27. 

CEO and president of Hydro Ottawa Bryce Conrad also noted that there was significant damage across the city of Ottawa due to the powerful storm that swept through the capital over the Victoria Day weekend, and some homeowners will not have their power restored by Friday evening. 

Power has been restored to 137,000 hydro customers, while 43,000 consumers are still without power. 

Conrad said over 300 hydro poles have been replaced, and the cleanup will continue for weeks.

“Just because you do not see a truck, doesn't mean your area is not being worked on,” he said during Thursday afternoon's media briefing. “Our system is highly automated and managed centrally. A lot of the switching work is done by our system office and does not involved trucks or crews to be on site.”

The City of Ottawa's general manager of public works Alain Gonthier said that City crews and partners will continue to work into the weekend and through any anticipated bad weather, while Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said he's requested more support from the provincial government to help restore power to some of the rural areas such as Cumberland, Osgoode and West Carleton. 






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