“I just swallowed a bee”: Ford upstaged by insect while getting pressed on healthcare

By CityNews Staff

Premier Doug Ford was taking questions from reporters on Friday morning when he had a startling encounter with an unexpected visitor.

Ford was in Dundalk, Ont. with the economic development minister to announce an investment into an Ontario-based company, when a bumble bee flew into his mouth.

“Holy Christ, I just swallowed a bee,” said Ford, appearing to momentarily choke on the insect. “He’s wedged to my throat, sorry guys.”

Ford recovered after taking a swig of water, making light of the incident.

“This is going to be replayed over and over again,” he laughed. “This is a classic. I’m going to be howling tonight watching this tape.”

He continued to take questions from reporters following the interruption, where he was pressed on the privatization of healthcare. Something that was hinted at by Health Minister Sylvia Jones earlier this week.

Ford ensured Ontarians they will not need to pay out of pocket moving forward but changes would be coming.

“Make no mistake about it, everyone is going to be paying with their OHIP card, not their credit card,” he says. “We can’t continue doing the same thing, and pouring billions into it and expecting different results.”

The premier offered no specifics when pressed on what exact privatization initiatives the province is looking at it.

“I’m not trying to dodge the question, but I don’t have the exact things at my fingertips,” Ford says.

Jones emphasized Thursday that people in the province will always be able to access health care without paying out of pocket, a day after she came under fire for refusing to rule out further privatization.

The current health staff shortages have led to emergency departments across the province closing for hours or days at a time.

Jones said earlier this week that six emergency departments were temporarily closed last weekend.

With files from Richard Southern. 

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