Registered dietitian provides tips on packing back-to-school lunches

By CityNews Ottawa

With the new school year quickly approaching, some parents may feel stressed about what to pack in their kids' lunches.

Registered dietitian for Your Independent Grocer, Alexes Papadopoli told The Sam Laprade Show on Friday, Aug. 12, that although the task can be challenging, parents shouldn't be afraid to keep things simple.

“Try varying the one aspect of the lunch,” she explained. “So instead of, for example, celery, you may have carrots, or even something as simple as a sandwich one day, and then the next day just deconstruct the sandwich.”

Kids often compare their lunches and will want the items they see some of their peers eat, to help get your child excited about their food, Papadopoli encourages parents to involve them in the meal prep process. From planning the lunch to picking out items while grocery shopping, even having them help make the food if they're old enough.

“It really will help them to become more adventurous,” she said, adding that it's also an opportunity for them to point out some snacks they may want to try.

“There's a place for all foods in a balanced diet,” she said. “So you can definitely add things like that and then switch it up again the next week with something else.”

Listen to the full interview with Alexes Papadopoli below:

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