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Tuesday August 23, 2022. Rob is back. Let's dive in.

12:07:  “Karsh writes that that Churchill portrait changed his life…That portrait and speech changed the course of history as well.”

A world-famous portrait of Winston Churchill has been stolen from the Chateau Laurier. Rob is joined by Ben Weiss from the Ottawa Historical Society to get some insight on the significance of this crime.

23:05:  They're talking about a technology…a commercial use of hydrogen, which is promising, everything I've read about it, it sounds like it's going to a great energy alternative in 10, 15, 20, 50 years…It is not now an active, commercially useable technology.”

Professor Ian Lee is back with his commentary and analysis of the high profile visit by German chancellor Olaf Sholz, who is meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau this week to discuss Germany's energy needs in the wake of Russian threats over the supply of LNG to Europe.

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It's the Talk Back Hour! Rob takes your calls. 

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0:00: “He's not the first to say it but if you remember, Rob, it wasn't too many years ago O'Leary's campaign was regarded as radical. So if that's calling the kettle back, my goodness. Unfortunately this is part of the language that we're hearing from people who don't support Pierre Poilievre.

Columnist Michael Taube is here for his weekly appearance. Today's discussion features a deep dive on the Conservative Party leadership race.

22:52: “We're there with the technology in terms of we know how to do it. What we'rer nopt there with is all the infrastructure that we need to byuild to produce it, to move it around and to store it…that's going to require a huge effort over the next three decades to get to where we want to be.”

Hydrogen energy is in the news today as Prime Minister Trudeau meats with German Chancellor Olaf Sholz on energy policy. Rob speaks with Michael Bernstein from the group Clean Prosperity to get the facts on where the hydrogen energy industry in Canada stands.

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