A network is available to address COVID-19 vaccine concerns and questions

By CityNews Staff

A group of highly trained experts is available to empathetically listen to people's vaccines queries and anxieties.

Fatima Tokhmafshan, director of community and patient engagement and outreach at CoVaRR-Net, or Coronavirus Variants Rapid Response Network, told The Sam Laprade Show on Aug. 23 that they wanted people to feel comfortable about the health care decisions they made.

She explained that getting vaccinated is tied to people's values and how they see the world, which is why Tokhmafshan wanted to offer a non-judgemental environment where people can openly voice their concerns and questions. They then work with the individual to understand where they're coming from and address their questions.

“It's not just about giving people information; there's a lot of information out there everywhere,” she said. “It's about making sure that it is the type of information that people can actually relate to and understand. It's basically taking a more personalized and context-driven approach.”

Listen to the full interview with Fatima Tokhmafshan below:

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