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Thursday. The Ontario government has relaxed its guidelines on COVID-19, drawing mixed reaction.

9:51: “I think it's a calculated risk. I think right now we're seeing that the rules are too stringent so we're suffering because we don't have the staff. Now weather this adds to that, because we see more disease, it's a bit of a gamble, and I understand that.”

Rob speaks with Dr. Robert Cushman from the Renfrew and County District Health Unit to get his reaction to the COVID-19 guidance from the Ontario government.

21:22: “I think Trudeau is trying to be able to demonstrate that he can work with some conservatives, and be able to demonstrate a bit more on that pragmatic, progressive side of things that he's able to certainly work together and get things done and use that as a bit of a contrast.”

It's time for Ontario Politics This Week! Rob is joined by strategists Lindsay Maskell and Andrew Brander to break down a busy week of news out of Queens Park.

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it's the Talk Back Hour! Rob takes your calls. What is your reaction to the new COVID-19 guidance from the Ontario government?

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0:00: “You could see prices down to $1.48.9 as the top end here in Ottawa and what that really means is we're looking at prices we haven't seen since January 28th.”

Gas price guru Dan McTeague joins Rob with an update on what the pumps will look like over the long weekend.

21:22: “Bivalent vaccine means it's sort of a two-for-one. Many of our vaccines, especially our childhood vaccines, we actually put multiple vaccines in one shot. so in this case we have half the dose is for the original virus and half of it is for the BA.1 strain of the Omicron virus.”

Immunology expert Dr. Dawn Bowdish joins the show to explain how the new bivalent COVID-19 vaccine just approved by Health Canada works.

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