Sutcliffe announces plan to improve Ottawa’s road infrastructure, bike lanes, multi-use pathways

By Anil Jhalli

Mayoral candidate Mark Sutcliffe announced a to improve and repair Ottawa's road infrastructure, including bike lanes and multi-use pathways. 

Sutcliffe told The Sam Laprade Show on Sept. 8 that if he's elected as Ottawa's next mayor, he is investing an additional $100 million over four years to improve, repair and maintain Ottawa's road infrastructure

“I am an avid cyclist, runner, walker and user of public transit,” said Sutcliffe. “Everywhere I go, people are telling me that the problem isn’t just with our bike lanes, but that roads and multi-use pathways are also in desperate need of repair. We cannot prioritize bicycles over cars.”

Sutcliffe said he plans to bring a balanced approach that will respect the needs of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, ensuring that roads are safe and reliable for all of Ottawa. 

“We must get the fundamentals right,” he added. “Ottawa is home to two of Ontario’s worst road and that’s not a record to be proud of. That’s why I am proposing a solution that is affordable and does not irresponsibly add to the city’s debt during an affordability crisis.”

Sutcliffe is one of the 14 people vying to become Ottawa's next mayor. 

Listen to the full interview with Mark Sutcliffe below: 




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