PODCAST: The Rob Snow Show for September 13, 2022

By CityNews Ottawa

Tuesday September 13, 2022.

Hour 1:

11:18: What is the impact of our public servants largely working from home? We knew that post secondary student numbers were very low, the ones that remained in Ottawa and remained taking transit. Couldn't get an accurate answer.”

River Ward councillor Riley Brockington joins Rob with an update on the coyote problem in Riverside and shares his views on the OC Transpo budget situation as a member of the Transit Commission.

22:15: “So whenever Canadians hear about that $2.5 trillion we owe and [people say oh my god we're doomed! we owe so much money! We're all going to be reduced to eating cat food and dog food because we owe so much money!' they never, ever, ever look at the asset side.”

Professor Ian Lee is here with his weekly take on the state of the Canadian economic and political landscape.

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Hour 2:

It's the Talk Back Hour! The battle lines have been drawn: Prime Minister Trudeau says Pierre Poilievre is not a responsible leader for Canada, Pierre Poilievre says Justin Trudeau has led Canada to tough times. What do you think? Rob takes your calls.

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Hour 3:

0:00: “Mixing fiscally conservative ideas with ideas that aren't actually inherently conservative, but things you have to discuss during a general election.”

Columnist Michael Taube joins Rob with his analysis on Pierre Poilievre's landslide victory in the Conservative Party leadership race.

22:05: “What we see is that they have very high morale, backed by excellent weapons coming in from the West and intelligence they get from the United States and other governments so they are able to more precisely target the Russian forces.”

The Ukrainian army is in the midst of a stunning counteroffensive against the Russian army near Kharkiv this week. RMC professor Walter Dorn joins the show to discuss how they're doing it.

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