Salvation Army’s annual Christmas Kettle campaign officially underway

By Anil Jhalli

The Salvation Army has officially launched its annual Christmas Kettle campaign as the holiday season is upon us. 

Red Christmas Kettles will be located in shopping centres and stores around the city through December 24 for the Salvation Army's largest public fundraising drive of the year.

Funds from the campaign will be used to help provide direct and hands on service to Ottawa residents who are in most need. 

“Everybody has been impacted by inflation, the rising cost of food prices, the rising cost of gas, and all these things are affecting every single person,” said Glenn Van Gulik, division secretary with Salvation Army Ontario, on Wake Up With Rob Snow on Nov. 28. “Now that said, it's affecting everyone but in some ways, it's affecting disproportionately and those that are struggling, that were already struggling that were going from paycheque to paycheque are no longer able to go paycheque to paycheque.”

Van Gulik said that the Salvation Army is seeing more people reach out for help with food related services. 

The campaign is completely volunteer driven and for more information, visit here

Listen to the full interview with Glenn Van Gulik below:

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