Travel trends to watch in 2023

By Danae Ingram

After a long hiatus, travel is bouncing back – but Canadians are doing it with a difference. As more and more people take trips in search of relaxation and adventure, CAA is seeing a huge upswing in vacationers leaving nothing to chance by booking trips with travel consultants.

That’s just one big trend for 2023, says Karen Taaffe, Manager of Product Development, Travel, for CAA North & East Ontario. Here are the top things to watch for.

The last few years have left Canadians eager to get out and explore the world. Where are they heading this year?

Karen Taaffe: “In 2023, CAA Members are looking for warmth. Sunny destinations like Hawaii and the Caribbean are the most popular countries for early 2023. European vacations are also making a comeback, with Canadians drifting towards coastal European towns in Italy and Greece, as well as big cities like London and Paris. Still, some are opting to stay closer to home, with travel within Canada and the United States continuing to be popular in 2023. In fact, the United States is almost as popular for CAA Members as travel to the Caribbean.”

CAA Members are making up for lost time with loved ones. How is this shaping their travel plans?

KT: “More families are traveling together and the increase in multigenerational trips is expected to continue to grow over 2023. Many parents and grandparents are planning cruise vacations, because cruise ships are great for young travellers and travellers who are young at heart. Sustainable travel is a growing trend, with vacationers looking for experiences that benefit not only themselves, but also local people and the environment. Another trend is longer, more luxurious trips to dream destinations for families.”

Are more travellers buying travel insurance?

KT: “More travellers are definitely seeing the value of travel insurance. With cancelled flights, lost baggage, and the possibility of getting sick abroad, getting a travel insurance policy ahead of your vacation will ensure you’re protected, no matter where you are. CAA Travel Insurance has policies that will fit your needs, whether it’s emergency medical insurance, trip cancellation and interruption insurance, or bundling them together along with baggage and travel accident insurance with a vacation package plan. Travellers can go with confidence and CAA Members save up to 20%* on their policy too.”

How are Canadians booking their trips?

KT: “People want a hassle-free and memorable travel experience and working with a CAA Travel Consultant is a great way to make that happen. In 2022, CAA saw a 126% increase in bookings using travel consultants in comparison to 2021 and that trend continues to rise into 2023. Travel consultants will help you find the best pricing, deals and offers you may not find yourself online and they also ensure your trip is checking off everything on your wish list. Planning your trip with the help of a travel consultant will give you peace of mind because you’ll have help ready if something goes wrong, and they’ll make sure you get the right travel insurance.”

What are some other trends to watch for in 2023?

KT: “Travellers are becoming more focused on doing rather than seeing. Whether they are chasing adrenaline, participating in local festivals, or simply living like a local, travellers are looking for new experiences in new environments. Group travel is also becoming more popular. Whether it’s a group of friends going together or someone looking to travel solo but not alone, there are group tours available that will suit your needs.”

If you’re planning a trip this year, book an appointment with one of CAA North & East Ontario’s helpful travel consultants today to plan the perfect itinerary and get competitive travel insurance to protect you along the way.

Visit CAA Travel online or call 1-800-267-8713.

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