Frustration mounting for some residents regarding narrow streets, high snow banks

By Anil Jhalli

The work to remove snow from city street is ongoing, and while many people are commending crews for their work, there are some residents who are expressing frustration over narrow streets and high snow banks.

To date, Ottawa has received just over 200 centimetres of snow so far this winter, which is almost double from 2021 totals. 

Some residents have been sharing that it has been too long since they have been able to see out of their own driveways and can barely drive up streets in their neighbourhoods. 

Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe told The Sam Laprade Show on Feb. 3 that the City of Ottawa continues to review its snow clearing standards. 

“That's an ongoing process and I know they(snow clearing crews) are doing the best they can and working really hard and we are always reviewing to make sure we have the right resources in place,” he said. 

Sutcliffe said there is a limited amount of equipment and understands there are residents who would like to see a high level of service. 

“We can always buy more (equipment) but that's not going to happen overnight,” he added. “We will continue to look at whether more resources are required in the weeks and months ahead.”

Listen to the interview with Mayor Mark Sutcliffe below: 



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