Teen Challenge Canada – Why faith matters when recovering from addiction

By Danae Ingram

At Teen Challenge Canada, we believe faith is an important part of addiction recovery because it helps an individual find meaning and purpose in life. It provides a sense of community and belonging that can be difficult to find when they are trying to figure out a way out of addiction on their own.

“Men and women experiencing addiction are profoundly changed when they are confronted with the truth that they are truly loved, despite their past,” says the 2021 Teen Challenge Impact Report.

“In the safety of the Teen Challenge Canada program with others in recovery and our caring staff, they admit dark things they have done and that were done to them. And through a relationship with God, they can face their overwhelming pain. When they ask God’s forgiveness, they are released from despair and given the ability to live in new ways.”

Does Teen Challenge only help those who follow the Christian way of life?

“We are here for everyone who wants help. While our program is based on Christian principles, men and women do not need to share our Christian beliefs to access our life-changing services. Teen Challenge is pleased to offer faith-based treatment across three regions, at our nine centres across Canada, as an important part of the recovery solution to the addiction crisis,” says the 2021 report.

How can you support Teen Challenge so they can continue providing their 3-phase, 12-month program to those who need it most?

You can make a difference!

Do you have a vehicle you don’t want or need?

Consider donating it to Teen Challenge Canada to support those recovering from addiction in your community. It doesn’t matter if it works, Teen Challenge will come and get it. All vehicle donations receive a fair market tax receipt, with a guaranteed minimum of $600.

If your old vehicle is ready to go to help change a life, go to www.donateyourcar.ca or call 1 (800) 856-8902.

To learn more about the ministry of Teen Challenge Canada, go to www.teenchallenge.ca.

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