Gardening expert says it’s not too early to start prepping your lawn

For many, the warming weather is the cue to get the gardening gear ready.

So, where to start?

Lindsay Hamilton of Homegrown Garden Centre told the Sam Laprade Show on Thursday, April 13 to start simple.

Hamilton recommends taking out your gardening gear first and getting your garden prepped by removing old debris from your flower beds. Also, mulch is the best tool to suppress those pesky weeds, so don’t toss it.

Not sure which flowers to plant in your garden this year?

Perennials like hostas are what Hamilton calls ‘investment pieces’ because they will grow year after — but why stop there?

Hamilton also suggests adding edible plants.

“Chives resemble grass and they’re a perennial, Hamilton said. “So, if you stick those in your flower bed, you are going to have a perennial that fills in space, looks beautiful and you can add to any of your recipes that you make.”

As for your lawn, don’t panic if it’s looking a little rough.

“Your grass is not dead,” Hamilton said. “It’s probably looking like it’s on the struggle bus, but it’s not. Turf grass is a beautiful plant that has gone dormant. You can revive it a little bit by giving it a light raking.”

Finally, if you are feeling a bit intimidated to set foot in your garden, Hamilton says everyone can find their green thumb and that it’s just a matter of trial and error.


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