City looking to toughen idling bylaw, asking public for input

The city is currently reviewing the idling by-law and they’re asking the public for feedback.

In a survey, the city is asking if people think they should consider reducing the limit for idling from three minutes to one minute.

Idling for “up to one minute is an appropriate amount of time to warm-up your vehicle engine, a fuel saving measure and a break-even point to offset costs associated with restarting the vehicle,” according to Natural Resources Canada.

Currently, vehicles on public and private property can idle for up to three minutes within an hour when the outdoor temperature is between 5 and 27 C.

Outside of those temperatures, there are no restrictions on idling time limits with some exceptions.

The city enacted the idling control bylaw back in 2007 to help improve local air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We invite residents to share their feedback on vehicle idling and the Idling Control By-law by completing an online survey(link is external) on Engage Ottawa.

The survey is open until Friday, March 15.

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