Doors Open Ottawa now ready for this year’s submissions

The city has opened applications for places to showcase their uniqueness to the public at this year’s Doors Open event.

The city made the announcement on Monday over social media.

Doors Open is a two-day event that allows people to explore embassies, museums, and other buildings in Ottawa, all for free. This year they’ll be celebrating their 22nd anniversary.

The event gives residents the chance to explore the city’s history, culture and architecture.

The Doors Open Ottawa Advisory Council is responsible for building eligibility. Choices will be influenced by “specific criteria designed to value its historical, cultural, functional, and/or architectural significance”, according to the event’s website.

Organizers said that preference will be given to buildings that aren’t open to the public.

Like last year, buildings still have the option of both in-person and hybrid showcases. Those must include a virtual or 3D tour and public access to the building, according to the city website.

Doors Open first started in 2002 when the event welcomed nearly 35,000 visitors to over 80 participating buildings.

Last year, the event ran on June 2 and 3 and featured over 80 buildings.

The deadline to apply is February 23 at 5:00 p.m.

You can find more information about Doors Open on the city’s website.

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