Travel trends for 2024

By Myrna Burgoyne

Where is this year taking you?

As the world beckons tourists of all ages to get out and explore, the projected trends for 2024 reveal a growing diversity of focus while also showing creative methodologies towards how, when and where to travel.

Travelling outside the box

From retreats that enrich one’s physical and mental wellbeing to adventurous eco-tourism that promote conservation and even off-the-grid experiences, all ages are seeking life-defining, experience-driven destinations. They’re making memories that will last throughout their lives.

The responsible nomad

Young woman wandering in tropical rainforest walking on bridge over turquoise lagoon, Costa Rica. iStock.

An increase in “off the grid” destinations promoting conservation efforts has been detected recently within the travel industry.

Travelers are fully embracing eco-friendly accommodations and carbon-neutral transportation by choosing places like Costa Rica, Ecuador, New Zealand and the Galapagos Islands where they can experience smaller crowds amid inspiring local communities.

The tranquil traveler

The inclination to regenerate body and soul leads to luxurious spa retreats, meditation centres and nature-focused getaways. One of the most important missions is reported to be recharging and reconnecting with natural sleep patterns.

The rule changer

A group of mature friends are sitting around an outdoor dining table, eating and drinking. They are celebrating their holiday with a glass of champagne and enjoying each others company. The image has been taken in Tuscany, Italy. iStock

Traditionally, travelers opted for mid-winter southern sojourns and summertime family vacations, but finding less crowding and better pricing during shoulder seasons is becoming a highly desirable thing.

This year’s hot destinations for Canadians could find you in Italy and Portugal. Whether wineries and pasta are your thing, or you prefer fado and tapas, the locals always welcome and appreciate the support for local businesses and culture all year long.

The solitary sightseer

Solo or small group travel has its benefits, as well. CAA Travel has launched their all-new group departures – Together. Groups by CAA Travel with you in mind.

Whether navigating alone, with a family member, a few close friends or a small group of soon-to-be-friends assembled by your CAA travel agent, small group travel offers an easy booking process, all-included pricing and exclusive group pricing, while you prepare to set out on delightful excursions with like-minded voyagers.

Choose from diverse destinations like a Tuscan Tour, a cruise through the French Polynesia to discover a whole new level of crystal clear oceans, or what is now known as gig-tripping, travelling together to see your favourite band or artist in concert.

Together. Groups by CAA Travel offers stress-free planning, while supporting camaraderie among your fellow travelers. You’re never alone unless you want to be.

Becoming a trendsetter

Three people on a beach, running into the ocean with surfboards in a tropical climate, with mountains in the background. iStock.

From Gen Z to Millennials, Gen X to Boomers, all age groups are stepping into the travel trends with enthusiasm.

There is truly something for everyone. Whether your focus is technology or history, food and wellness or pure leisure, or the joy of becoming a sponge for cultures, 2024 portends to be an exciting, pivotal year.

CAA members enjoy extra perks

Be part of the journey with Together. Groups by CAA Travel. CAA Members have access to a plethora of exclusive CAA Member Benefits with preferred travel partners from ocean and river cruising to exciting, guided tours around the world.

It’s all out there for you to enjoy. Contact CAA Travel today and discover the world together.

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