Get ready for summer! Book your spring air conditioning tune-up

By David DeRocco

Avoid the spring rush and ensure you stay cool this summer

Whatever you think about the concept of climate change, there’s no denying one thing: summer temperatures in Canada are growing incrementally higher.

In fact, 2021 was one of the hottest summers on record across the country, with the village of Lytton, British Columbia recording the highest temperature in Canadian history at 49.6C. Clearly, the Great White North is at risk of melting!

If you’re one of those people who considers air-conditioning not only an essential service but a human right, then you might want to consider some pre-season preventative maintenance on your AC unit. That’s especially true if you want to be ready for the year’s first heat wave according to the experts at Carleton Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning.

“People often forget how important it is to service your air conditioning unit regularly,” said Service Manager Tracy Burgess. “They shut the furnace off when the weather warms up and turn on the A/C without even considering that it just sat dormant for six months. It’s really a good idea to have it checked first.”

Burgess says there are many reasons why arranging a pre-season A/C unit checkup is a smart move.

For starters, a thorough checkup can help improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, especially if it’s a few years old.

Air conditioners can lose approximately five percent of their efficiency each year without proper maintenance, so a proper tune-up can help maximize performance and cut down on your energy costs. Another important reason to have your A/C checked is to ensure it is actually enhancing the air quality in your home. AC units circulate air, so any unit that may have developed mold could potentially be spreading dangerous spores into the air you and your family is breathing. Having a professional check the unit prior to turning it on is the safest way to ensure air quality is up to par.

“With a professional check up, your entire air conditioning system gets the once over,” said Burgess. “That includes the electrical system, vents that could be clogged with leaves and debris, and the internal components including the compressor, condenser coil and expansion valve. Only through proper maintenance can you be certain your air conditioner is ready to perform all summer long.”

One other important element to consider with every check up is ensuring the refrigerant levels are adequate. Without an appropriate level of Freon, the most common fluid used for cooling, your air conditioner is useless. Depleted Freon levels could indicate there’s a leak or simply that your air conditioning unit is in need of replacement. “We can determine very quickly if your unit is fixable or if it’s time for a new one,” said Burgess.

Avoid the rush. Book your service call today. Visit Carleton Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning at 150 Industrial Ave, Carleton Place, or online at Call them at 613-257-8282 or 1-866-557-8282.

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