Ottawa Humane Society urging pet owners to be wary of spring hazards

As spring weather arrives, The Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) wants the community to keep pets safe.

Cat owners living in apartments are urged to keep their felines off balconies, unless in an enclosed “catio,”on a leash, or under close supervision.

The Humane Society says cats often perch in high, dangerous places, and become so focused they might step out into thin air — something known as “High Rise Syndrome” — and it can be deadly.

If your cat does fall, you should seek veterinarian help immediately.

The OHS is also reminding owners to keep their dogs on a leash near bodies of water, as dogs can easily fall through melting ice.

You’re urged to use caution around any body of water, as streambanks can be slippery and unstable and can be dangerous to both pets and their owners.

You can find more pet care tips on the Ottawa Humane Society website.

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