Ottawa plans to build bike lanes over Highway 417

The City of Ottawa and the province are looking to entre into an agreement to build new cycling infrastructure over Highway 417.

On Thursday, the Transportation Committee approved the agreement with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) to build cycling facilities on the Maitland Avenue bridge.

The bridge is set to be replaced in 2026 and is a “key” biking connection according to the city’s Transportation Master Plan.

A raised track with a concrete buffer on each side of the bridge is planned and will cost Ottawa $5.4 million for the design and construction. 

The province is paying for the costs associated with the new bridge. 

“However, given the extent of work needed to widen the Maitland Avenue bridge to accommodate cycling facilities, the MTO indicated that the cost for these facilities would be borne by the City,” a report reads. 

If council ratifies the plan, it will be funded through the Major Active Transportation Structures Program.

There are opportunities for more cycling infrastructure to be placed over the 417.

MTO is planning on replacing the Woodroffe Avenue, Pinecrest Road and Richmond Road bridges, all of which do not have cycling infrastructure.

The province agreed to absorb the costs of widening the bridges so cycling tracks could be placed on both sides for all bridges.

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