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City councillor wants Supreme Court of Canada to hear Kanata golf course appeal

Kanata North Coun. Cathy Curry says the City of Ottawa has spent close to $1-million in legal fees relating to the golf course redevelopment.
2018-12-14 Kanata golf and country club
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An Ottawa city councillor feels the ongoing dispute surrounding the redevelopment of the Kanata Golf and Country Club needs to go before to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Kanata North Coun. Cathy Curry feels the developer, ClubLink, is disregarding an agreement to maintain greenspace on 40 per cent of the land and to turn over the site to the City of Ottawa if it is no longer being used as a golf course.

The councillor adds the City appealed to the Supreme Court after a lower court ruled ClubLink would not have to turn over the land if it's no longer a golf course.

"The Ontario Court of Appeals agreed that the 40 per cent agreement was largely intact but the only part they didn't agree to was they part where it would go back to the City of Ottawa," Curry told the Sam Laprade Show on Tuesday, April 19. "Hence the City of Ottawa saying 'No, no, no we will take this to the Supreme Court'." 

The City of Ottawa is now waiting on a decision if the Supreme Court will hear the case.

"If they're given 100 cases to look at a year, they might only choose seven and that's all they'll look at," Curry explained. "We believe we have a very strong case to the Supreme Court that this should be looked at."

Curry adds at this time, the City has spent nearly $1-million in legal fees surrounding the issue.

Listen to the full interview with Cathy Curry on the Sam Laprade Show below:

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