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'Disappointing' behaviour: Sandy Hill residents, city, academic officials calling out Panda Game 'rioters'

In his account, Russell Avenue homeowner Ivan Stos says he saw people urinating on people's lawns
2021-10-04 panda games riot
Events post Panda Game on Saturday, October 2, 2021. (Photo/Twitter video screen shot Ken Woods @drivesincircles)

City officials, the University of Ottawa and residents of Russell Avenue are calling out those who partied post Panda Game and destroyed property for the “disappointing” behaviour.

Following the annual football game between the University of Ottawa’s Gee Gees and Carleton Ravens Saturday night, celebrations quickly escalated where some students were seen on social media flipping a car near the Sandy Hill area.

Russell Avenue homeowner Ivan Stos leases apartments to students but reached a breaking point with them Saturday night.

In his account, Stos said there were people urinating and defecating on lawns.

There were also seven people who were taken to hospital with non-serious injuries.

Even though there was an increased police presence before of the game, it wasn’t enough to disperse the crowd of 2,000 students after.

The University of Ottawa has said in a statement that they are immensely disappointed and that the actions of their students were shameful.

Although there are no charges yet, Ottawa’s police chief, Coun. Mathieur Fleury (who represented the Rideau-Vanier ward) and Mayor Jim Watson are expected to meet about incidents later today.

Watson says Ottawa police knew they had an out of control crowd on their hands after the first 911 call came in, adding Ottawa police are reviewing all video and are focusing on the ring leaders who provoked a drunken crowd into such violence but fell short of saying the Panda Game should be cancelled altogether.



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