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Buying or replacing your windows or doors? Consider these tips first.

Helpful advice from local experts.
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You might notice cold spots in your home during winter. Perhaps your furnace has to work double-time to keep your family warm. Or it’s the opposite issue when your A/C starts up in the summer. When you are ready to replace drafty old windows and doors Bayview Windows has three tips to start you off in the right direction.

First, always get a second opinion. The more you know about your options, the more comfortable you will feel about the decision you make. Head online and check out multiple review sites, see what people are saying about the companies you’re considering. Awards are another great way to gauge the quality of service a business provides. Bayview Windows and Doors, for example, won an Ottawa Business Journal / Ottawa Board of Trade small business award of excellence in 2019.

Second, don’t just shop by price. You may get a lower quote, but ask yourself why that is. A lower price could mean lower quality materials. See what brands the company carries and what the reviews on those products are like. Consider also the quality in service. Bayview Windows offers another great example: they do not use sub-contractor teams. They have their own full-time teams of trained, bonded, and insured installers. What is that kind of service worth to you?

Third, ask a lot of questions. You may have realized you have already been asking questions: “what do people think of this company?”, “what am I paying for?” – and that is because tip number three is the most important! It encompasses the entirety of your experience in replacing windows and doors. You have preliminary questions while you do research. Then when you’re ready to call a company, you will want to ask things like: how long will the job take? What kind of warranty do you offer? What is the cost of after-sale warranty labour? These questions will help inform your decision, and help you get a feel for the company’s customer service. Do you feel confident that they will be transparent, and can they explain everything in a way you understand? You should always feel comfortable asking questions through the entire process.

The more you know going into a project like this, the better you will feel while it is being done. You can be confident you are getting the best value for your money by asking the right questions and taking the time to research companies. What a relief it will be to have the job done now, before your A/C kicks in, and long before winter winds try sneaking into your home again!

Bayview Windows is a four-season installer that provides lifetime warranties on labour and materials costs for everything they install. They also can accommodate evening and weekend appointments. You can give them a call at 613-838-2211, or visit

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