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Lifeguarding: Benefits beyond the paycheque

The City of Ottawa invites lifeguards to apply for a rewarding career
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When people look back at their favourite part-time job – it’s amazing how many of them will say lifeguarding.

There’s something about being part of a team at the pool that makes it an awesome job. Perhaps it’s the friends you’ll make, the fun you’ll have teaching swimming lessons to kids and being a looked up to as a leader in your community.

Strong friendships form on the pool deck and lifeguards tend to be fun people to hang out with. While working closely together to keep the public safe, lifeguards develop a strong sense of teamwork and trust. The lifeguard social scene is pretty happening and if you’ve just moved to Ottawa, what better way to meet amazing people?

It takes training and perseverance to become a lifeguard.

Completing the required courses takes commitment, but the adage of “you get out of it what you put into it” holds true. You’ll be gaining skills and experience that will benefit you in your career and in other parts of your life. Those first-aid skills are an ideal foundation for jobs in the medical field or emergency services.

And the other competencies you’ll develop – like teaching, leadership, problem solving and communication skills – will serve you well in just about any career path you choose.

The City of Ottawa has been named one of the National Capital Region’s top employers, year-over-year. There are huge opportunities to grow in the City. Numerous lifeguards have gone on to have successful careers as paramedics, police officers, social workers, general managers and Councillors.

Lifeguarding is a great part-time job while you’re studying. There are convenient locations with pools all over Ottawa and flexible hours to fit your schedule. It’s also a good gig for other age groups – whether you’re 16 or 65, it’s a job that keeps you fit and engaged in your community.

If you’re in the hunt for a part-time job, you’ve probably got your pick of options right now – but lifeguarding is definitely something to consider.

Head over to learn more online about the required credentials and how to apply. You’ll be glad you did.

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