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Donate empty bottles to help raise money for animals in need with Empties for Paws

The fundraiser is accepting empty beer bottles, wine and liquor bottles, but will also accept donations in other ways.

Helping animals in need can be as simple as donating your empty beer, wine and liquor bottles for the Love This February fundraiser with Empties for Paws.

Donating can be done a few ways. First, you can drop off your empties at one of the five bottle drives listed on the Empties for Paws website, or you can cash in your own bottles and andante the money to the fundraiser directly. And if you have some Canadian Tire money lying around, you can donate that, too.

Empties for Paws started in January 2015 and over $593,000 has since been raised by animal rescues and shelter.

While the campaign is being pushed in February, empties can actually be donated all year round.

The fundraiser is also challenging people to start Recycle 4 Animals drives to collect items that are refundable in their area to raise funds for their local animal rescue.

In Ontario, empty beer bottles and cans are refundable for 10 cents, and 20 cent for wine and liquor bottles.

An empty case of 24 is $2.40 and buy three cans of cat food or one can of dog food, the fundraiser explains on its website.

For more information, visit the Empties for Paws website.


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