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Hot weather forced partial closure of LRT's Confederation Line

The line was temporarily closed Wednesday when temperatures reached a high of 30 C.
20210515_LRT train
Ottawa LRT. (Photo/Dani-Elle Dubé)

A portion of Ottawa's light rail Confederation Line had to be temporarily closed for maintenance Wednesday due to hot temperatures.

The news was confirmed Thursday by Troy Charter, director of Transit Operations, in a statement to CityNews Ottawa.

At about 6 p.m., R1 bus service was implemented between Rideau and Blair Stations, as Rideau Transit Group performed track-related work, Charter explained.

On Wednesday, temperatures in Ottawa reached 30 C, according to Environment Canada.

“Yesterday afternoon, Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM) performed proactive track maintenance inspections in accordance with standard operating procedures when temperatures exceeded 30 degrees,” Charter said. “In extreme weather conditions, RTM conducts proactive track inspections and preventive maintenance on the track.”

Train service, he added, continued to operate between Tunney’s Pasture and uOttawa stations with full train service resuming Thursday morning from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair Stations.

Charter said additional track work may be needed over the coming days in addition to the rail grinding and related track work that is planned for June.

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