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Ottawa baseball stadium on last legs: Concordia economist

Attendance is down across the Can-Am league, leading to low profits for teams.
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Redevelopment may be the only viable option for Ottawa's RCGT Park, according to a professor at Concordia University. 

The baseball stadium on Coventry Road, which houses the Ottawa Champions, is now 25 years old. 

"It was meant for triple-A baseball and the fact is, that Can-Am League is in its dying days" said economics professor Moshe Lander. "Even if you look at the attendance trend over the five years, almost no team in that league is averaging 2,000 fans, and that stadium is built for 10,000."  

Lander explained that the only way baseball could be feasible at RCGT Park is if Montreal was to get an MLB team, even part time, and wanted to have a triple-A team in Ottawa. 

The city recently ended a 10-year lease with the Ottawa Champions after they fell over $400,000 behind in lease payments. 

The team will be renting out the stadium, per game, until the end of their 2019 season.

Earlier this year, the land on Coventry Road was also on a list of property that could be considered for affordable housing. 

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