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The lifestyle brand you didn't know you needed

Get discounts on just about everything you need to get through the day and more.
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Do you have a plastic loyalty card in your wallet? 

If it doesn’t get you savings on auto insurance, take you on holidays, swap your tires at home, help when your bicycle breaks down and tow your car when you need it, you probably have the wrong card. 

And if it also doesn’t give you discounts on just about everything you need to get through the day, it’s time to get the right card: a CAA Membership. 


The truth is that these days CAA is more than just friendly guys in tow trucks. (Guys – you’re still awesome.) 

The tow trucks are still there, just a phone call or tap on an app away, but CAA has evolved, right along with the way Canadians live, says CAA North & East Ontario President and CEO, Jeff Walker. 

“Here’s the thing. When you look around Ontario, the environment changes every couple of hundred kilometres. The way people live changes. Younger Canadians aren’t driving as much, or even owning cars like their parents do. And everyone needs a break financially on day-to-day things around the house, as well as insurance and travel,” he says. 

“When you look at other lifestyle brands, they offer one or maybe a few services. But because we’re a non-profit lifestyle brand, we do everything we can for our Members – whatever their lifestyle and wherever they live in Ontario. Our new tiered Membership approach is an example of that.” 

Walker says that while the CAA Membership types are the same – Classic, Plus, Premier and Rewards – every level now has its own set of discounts and deals. The higher up the level, the greater the value. (This summer, CAA is offering 15% off new CAA Memberships, with a free trunk organizer at

For example, every Membership level now includes Bike Assist™, even for Rewards Members who don’t drive a car. Members also save on CAA Auto Insurance and CAA Insurance offers CAA MyPace™ - Canada’s only pay-as-you-drive insurance payment program* for low-mileage drivers. And this spring, CAA North & East Ontario introduced Ottawa to Mobile Tire Service in which the technician swaps seasonal tires at your home. (Hot tip: Book now for autumn, Oct. 1 to Dec. 18. The higher the Membership level, the bigger the discount.)

There are also incrementally bigger discounts at CAA Store on luggage and accessories with every Membership level – Rewards and Classic get 10% off, Plus gets 15% and Premier now has a 20% discount. 

As we gear up for post-pandemic travel, CAA Travel Insurance gives Members up to 20% off on the premium, excluding taxes. Travel booked through CAA provides exclusive discounts and perks to our Members.

According to Walker, the sea changes CAA is undergoing to meet the needs of Ontarians are going to continue rolling out over the coming months. 

“We’re spending a lot of time listening to what people need and thinking about how CAA can make life a little better for them,” he says. “Life isn’t one-size-fits-all. Neither is CAA.” 

*Auto Insurance is underwritten by CAA Insurance Company. ®/ ™ CAA trademarks are owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association.

**Terms and conditions apply. Visit for full details on Membership discounts and offers. CAA Travel Insurance is underwritten by Orion Travel Insurance Company, a CAA Company. Visit for more details. 

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