Ford admits to snowmobiling at cottage while Ottawa ‘under siege’

By Alex Goudge

After claiming Ottawa is 'under siege' due to the ongoing truck convoy demonstration, Ontario Premier Doug Ford admitted he went snowmobiling at his cottage last weekend.

While speaking to the media on Friday, February 11, Ford admitted he was out on his snowmobile during the weekend of February 5, but added that he had been taking calls until 1 a.m., and will be continuing to work until the situation is under control.

“Make no mistake, I have been engaged since the second this has happened, and I'll be continuing to be engaged with the authorities we need to talk to,” Ford explained.

Liberal MPP for Ottawa South John Fraser feels there hasn't been any demonstrable action from the Premier until at least this week, and is letting residents come to their own conclusion over Ford's snowmobiling.

“I'm not going to tell people what to think about it, they can figure it out for themselves,” Fraser told The Rob Snow Show on Friday.

NDP MPP for Timmins Gilles Bisson stated that Ford does have the right to go snowmobiling or head to his cottage, but feels doing so in this moment shows bad timing on his end.

“I think it was bad political judgment on the part of the Premier to say 'Well, I'm off to the cottage this weekend,' especially given what's going on, not only in Windsor, Toronto, and Ottawa,” Bisson explained.

He also feels Premier Ford needs to be more careful with his timing, to ensure the wrong message isn't sent to the public.

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