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Expert calls gas price hike predictions 'sensational'

A gas expert with Enpro says some predictions of a steep gas price hike are off the mark.
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While gas prices typically go up in the month of April for the so-called 'summer blend', one expert is saying some bold predictions have missed the mark. 

Some experts have called for a three to four cent increase by April 3 or 4, adding a chance of prices flirting with all-time highs of $1.42.9 midway through the month. 

"I can't see it going that high," said Roger McKnight, Chief Petroleum Analyst with Enpro. "That's pretty sensational prices and really grabs the headline and gets activity on the website." 

McKnight had a bold prediction of his own for the coming days, when he offered that prices will dip from our current average of $1.30.9. 

"That's the way the stock market is driving the prices right now. You should be down to about $1.28.9 on Wednesday," he explained. 

McKnight said there is still an increase on the way this month, but prices won't peak over $1.38. 

A swing back down is expected by the May long weekend. 

For now, the Enpro gas analyst suggested waiting to fill up the tank when there is a small dip in prices. 

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