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Innes Ward Councillor Jody Mitic opens up about personal struggles

Innes Ward Councillor Jody Mitic says issues of depression and addiction led him to announce that he won't be seeking re-election.
City Councillor Jody Mitic. (Photo/City of Ottawa).

Former soldier turned city councillor Jody Mitic is opening up following his announcement that he will not be seeking re-election in the fall. 

The Innes Ward councillor told 1310 NEWS the last year has been hard on him, as he has been dealing with issues that have resurfaced due to his injury in 2007 where he lost both of his legs. 

"It took me a long time to decide, and I talked to a lot of people that I trust. It's just a decision that I think is right for me and my family right now," said Mitic, who added it was the busyness of his schedule that took time away from himself, "I thought I was good ... But I never really took the time to fully deal I think, and that's the part that has caught up with me." 

Mitic added that issues of alcohol addiction and addiction to pain killers haunted him over the winter months, and during budget time at City Hall. During that time he was having problems with his prosthetic legs, which meant having to spend more time in a wheelchair, which he says led to his downward spiral. But those problems are now behind him. 

Mitic is encouraging people who are dealing with their own mental health issues to make sure they take the time they need to focus on themselves. 

He said it is also important to remember that no matter what you are dealing with, you are not alone. 

Listen to Councillor Jody Mitic's full conversation on Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe:

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