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Eight ways seniors can stay physically and mentally active during COVID-19

Good nutrition, exercise and socialization are key to staying healthy
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While the pandemic continues to create challenges for people of all ages, seniors have been affected tremendously. Due to provincial restrictions, many seniors have been forced into isolation, leaving them with little opportunity to stay connected and be active.

Over the last year, COVID-19 has prevented seniors from socializing and performing everyday activities – this has taken a toll on their physical and mental health. Because of their age, many seniors have chosen to restrict their activities to lower their risk of contracting COVID-19. While it is important that they take every precaution to stay safe during the pandemic, seniors must find ways to stay physically and mentally active. Here are eight ways seniors can stay active:


Walking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay in shape while getting some fresh air! It is also a great way to avoid crowds, get some vitamin D and see other people from afar. Check out one of Kanata’s many trails.

For those who must stay indoors, walking around the house or marching in place is a great way to keep moving. Turn on the music and shuffle your feet to the beat!

Low impact exercise and strength training

Doing yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises and low impact aerobics can help with circulation, mental wellness and flexibility. For those with limited mobility, chair exercises are a great way to stay in shape! Online programs are easy to find on YouTube.


With the spring weather, gardening is a great form of exercise and another way to get a dose of vitamin D and some fresh air. For seniors who have trouble bending and digging, potting smaller plants or flowers on the porch is a great alternative. Not too keen on getting your hands dirty? Why not paint some flower pots for others to use.

Arts and Crafts

Let your inner artist out! Grab some paint, pencils, crayons, paper and a canvas and away you go. Arts and crafts are a great way to relax and decompress. Why not make a sun catcher or a bird feeder? You do not have to be a professional artist to be creative, you just need to have fun! 


Put your dancing shoes on! Go out in the backyard, turn on some music and move your body. Try different kinds of dancing – there are lots of learn to dance videos on YouTube. Have limited mobility? No problem – you can stay seated and let your feet do all the dancing!

Puzzling and cribbage

Puzzles exercise the mind – from easy to difficult, 200 pieces to 2000 pieces, there is a puzzle for everyone! Not your thing? Why not try online cribbage


Enjoy creating delicious meals? Or learning to cook? There are many online cooking classes, for the beginner to advanced chef. Get your apron on and get cooking!

Listen to music

They say music soothes the soul – enjoy a concert from the comfort of your home via the virtual NAC. Close your eyes and enjoy the sounds of classical music.

For seniors exploring the concept of independent living, The Bradley Gracious Retirement Living provides an active lifestyle with a full complement of amenities and services. From daily chef-prepared nutritious meals to beautiful walking trails to an exercise room, The Bradley offers all-inclusive senior living for an active, secure and independent lifestyle.

For further details, call 613-209-9034 or complete the online enquiry form.

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